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Something to wash your hands with.

Having a go on cold-process soap making, so took a class last Saturday with a colleague. It's easy-peasy if we have the equipments all ready in place. Stirring the mixture of these by hand was hectic though.

There's honey for the bottom layer, and coco powder for the top - it smells like a very diluted chocolate for now. Here's hoping these will turn out fine after 4-5 weeks.






DW7's Sima Shi & DMC3's Vergil

What's the similarities between these two?

• Their cool, intelligently ambitious, yet elegantly composed persona (damn, there's no such man in reality, wake up woman!)
• Both wield light swords (not sure if I categorise that right, hah) a rapier & a katana.
• Has a brother with opposite personality.
• And also a distinguished father.
• Both clad in mainly cyan. duhh

These are just a quick observance; Sima Shi quickly reminded me of Vergil as I first saw his design. But gone are the days I could be obsessed over a virtual character like a nerd - I still do, but not as much that it could inspire me to draw them in a happy way. Sigh. And that's a sad thing I missed.

W-What am I sayin'..? Naawwww...






PC probs

My PC's been unstable recently. First giving me all sorts of blue screen, and problems booting up - sent for a check up I did, and dude says all's fine even when he tried booting up about 10 times (I don't know why, but so he claims); no virus, motherboard's fine, HDD's fine, OS' fine, diagnostics' okay, all good. So I took it back home & it's been working fine till now. Yea you sneaky bastard.

Then yesterday happens to pop up a MS Removal Tool spyware; the ones that pretends to run a scan & detects a shit load of virus out of no where when you don't recall ever seeing that interface before (or file directory for that matter). It halts your anti-virus program & (annoyingly) continuously warns you that your PC's infected & you should click YES/OK to get the MS Removal Tool software (which is a scam).

Challenge Accepted
(I have no idea how I got that in the first place though)

Actually, just google & followed through this guide and after scanning twice, it's gone - hopefully for good! And yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh.............

Close enough

Did I mentioned that I saw a Japanese ojii-san that looks somewhat like an asian Sean Connery yesterday? Mai gawd... *gawksgawksgawks* He's in jammies while doing his thing (he's the owner of a restaurant where I'm at) but hoo boi, he's one kakkoii jiisan desu *_*

Happy Labours Day. Thank you for keeping me employed still.
Though it's a bizarre feeling that I'll be okay if I'm fired for my tardiness by now. Heh heh......






A random confession

at the end of the day, no matter how much family or friends i have, i will always have no one to fucking talk to. no one understands or even puts forth an effort to understand. nothing fucking changes, this town and everyone in it are literally draining the life out of me, and i have no one to turn to to vent about anything..which is why tumblr is here i guess. haha. fuck life.

Source: scrublife

Yes. I had to reblog & quote someone else's confession because my mind reacts in total agreement when I read this. But.
Maybe I'm at fault. I don't open up enough. I'm horrible with putting words into meaning. I dislike seeing people as selfish beings, but it's a fact that everyone is including myself.

On a random thought, I think I need some sort of rehab for correcting my waking up habits.

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SLOAN's analgesic rub

My right knee's been under a slight pain whenever I try to crouch (huge pain when I'm down & trying to stand up straight again). I might've strained too much on it while doing a short exercise (for back pains) about 1-2 weeks ago..

Realising how long it has been.. yours truly finally decided to treat it with an analgesic rub called SLOAN'S. It leaves a hot burning sensation after application - it's nice, I personally like that feeling on my aching bone/flesh/skin.

BUT NOT while in the shower.

FUN FACT: Anyone who would like to experience how hot (or maybe boiled) water being poured to a part of your flesh continuously w/o getting scalded, try applying SLOAN'S rub & hop into a medium warm shower! WAAAASSSSUUUUUUPPP............... It's a nice way to test your endurance, foo!

Franziska: What a completely foolish line of foolish thought from a thoroughly foolish fool!


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