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PC probs

My PC's been unstable recently. First giving me all sorts of blue screen, and problems booting up - sent for a check up I did, and dude says all's fine even when he tried booting up about 10 times (I don't know why, but so he claims); no virus, motherboard's fine, HDD's fine, OS' fine, diagnostics' okay, all good. So I took it back home & it's been working fine till now. Yea you sneaky bastard.

Then yesterday happens to pop up a MS Removal Tool spyware; the ones that pretends to run a scan & detects a shit load of virus out of no where when you don't recall ever seeing that interface before (or file directory for that matter). It halts your anti-virus program & (annoyingly) continuously warns you that your PC's infected & you should click YES/OK to get the MS Removal Tool software (which is a scam).

Challenge Accepted
(I have no idea how I got that in the first place though)

Actually, just google & followed through this guide and after scanning twice, it's gone - hopefully for good! And yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh.............

Close enough

Did I mentioned that I saw a Japanese ojii-san that looks somewhat like an asian Sean Connery yesterday? Mai gawd... *gawksgawksgawks* He's in jammies while doing his thing (he's the owner of a restaurant where I'm at) but hoo boi, he's one kakkoii jiisan desu *_*

Happy Labours Day. Thank you for keeping me employed still.
Though it's a bizarre feeling that I'll be okay if I'm fired for my tardiness by now. Heh heh......





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