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Work is demotivating

Lately work has been a let down despite an early positive praise by the client on the website design. I believe a design alone wouldn't be good enough if the internal workings of the website (usability) is poor & disoriented - it's equivalent to a turd covered with marzipan.

So it's very very upsetting to be seeing something I've created decent & hopeful enough to be 'screwed' in the end. So what if the client is satisfied with it afterall? The point here is: the current condition of this website doesn't even seem fine from my personal standard of how it should've been at least. The holes & flaws just had to be ignored or hidden away (ugly manner). The main culprit here is TIME (there is another little yet also very distasteful factor too hence...)

An appreciation for the servicing side for doing a fine oblivious job here
Maybe apart from the video on how to build a fooking terrarium. Isn't there supposed to be a wireframe of the website in the first place? Shouldn't you bother figuring out 'what-ifs' and 'hows' with us as the project goes? Shouldn't you at least TRY to make sure the production team has all the assets? (don't wait for us to BUG you, BUG US, you're supposed to be SERVICING us as well FFS). The only time you'd bother to come asking us about the project in person is ON THE DAY of the DEADLINE. Bloody brilliant service on the crapometer.

It might be the end of a project but it is a huge reminder how strongly demotivating it is to me personally. Maybe it's entirely my fault; maybe I should've draft out a report each & everything on what I need from the client, spend OT to figure out & make everything as complete as possible, tryout the prototype & figure out what's missing, walkover & update them the progress of the project from time to time yada yada..

Rant on this went too long by now. Sigh. Well that's work for now Freakin' awesome that our company trips don't exist anymore.

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