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While most people rant on the rally & the outrage...

...I think the 'Cole Phelps look-a-like' usually frequents the same place. Nice ♥

I'm done with Shadows of the Damned, in summary - it's fun, it's wacky (that's Suda51 for yooo), has lame dick jokes -somehow in a good way if that's your kind of humour, watch video for a gist of it.

aaaand.. them short (twisted + bizarre) background tales behind each boss are a plus too. The only thing I'm disappointed is there's a lack of replayability value, unless I missed it big time. And Justine boss. Keep an eye on the few disclaimer paragraphs at the end of the credit roll for some laugh or perhaps giggles (it made ME giggle). I do notice there's a reuse of sfx in this game from Silent Hill. It's Yamaoka, hey. All is good.

On another note, I'm somewhat depressed. But no worries, the shit still needs to be shoveled.

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I saw...

..a guy that resembles Det. Cole Phelps (a.k.a. Aaron Staton, sans hat). Same place, same sitting spot, same angle, for the 2nd time. N i c e . . . Tried my best not to peek over too much >A<


One of my boss suggested a preferable improvement from me;
"Try to be more expressive".


*failure lvl99*

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Early rise. Super 8. IRON SKY.

Wake up earlier, foo! Cos' annual evaluation is just around the corner, even though it's WAY past the official date it was supposed to be (company claims we're 'overwhelmed with work'). Hahah.. irony.

Super 8. So I've just seen this movie, and it's the first & last of it, unless my future kids demands it. Summary of movie: Alien came, alien stranded & bullied by military agents, escaped & ran amok in a small town, alien managed to build ship & escape Earth, kids witnessing the entire events while trying to film a zombie flick with raging hormones. Ah yes, unless you're a parent who enjoys looking at their kids jumping at every sudden crazy crash sfx, by all means, save your time & money for other movies. Critters is a better flick you could spend your time on rather than this IMO.

Speaking of sci-fi, here's one I'm looking forward to: IRON SKY

Nazis on the moon! I'm sold.
Mainly cos it features nice music & the idea of Nazi UFO tech conspiracy. Dark humour is always good. Yet I foresee local theaters here wouldn't bring this in *looks at international screenings* (Malaysia only has 33 demands!) Orz

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Work is demotivating

Lately work has been a let down despite an early positive praise by the client on the website design. I believe a design alone wouldn't be good enough if the internal workings of the website (usability) is poor & disoriented - it's equivalent to a turd covered with marzipan.

So it's very very upsetting to be seeing something I've created decent & hopeful enough to be 'screwed' in the end. So what if the client is satisfied with it afterall? The point here is: the current condition of this website doesn't even seem fine from my personal standard of how it should've been at least. The holes & flaws just had to be ignored or hidden away (ugly manner). The main culprit here is TIME (there is another little yet also very distasteful factor too hence...)


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