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While most people rant on the rally & the outrage...

...I think the 'Cole Phelps look-a-like' usually frequents the same place. Nice ♥

I'm done with Shadows of the Damned, in summary - it's fun, it's wacky (that's Suda51 for yooo), has lame dick jokes -somehow in a good way if that's your kind of humour, watch video for a gist of it.

aaaand.. them short (twisted + bizarre) background tales behind each boss are a plus too. The only thing I'm disappointed is there's a lack of replayability value, unless I missed it big time. And Justine boss. Keep an eye on the few disclaimer paragraphs at the end of the credit roll for some laugh or perhaps giggles (it made ME giggle). I do notice there's a reuse of sfx in this game from Silent Hill. It's Yamaoka, hey. All is good.

On another note, I'm somewhat depressed. But no worries, the shit still needs to be shoveled.

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DW7's Sima Shi & DMC3's Vergil

What's the similarities between these two?

• Their cool, intelligently ambitious, yet elegantly composed persona (damn, there's no such man in reality, wake up woman!)
• Both wield light swords (not sure if I categorise that right, hah) a rapier & a katana.
• Has a brother with opposite personality.
• And also a distinguished father.
• Both clad in mainly cyan. duhh

These are just a quick observance; Sima Shi quickly reminded me of Vergil as I first saw his design. But gone are the days I could be obsessed over a virtual character like a nerd - I still do, but not as much that it could inspire me to draw them in a happy way. Sigh. And that's a sad thing I missed.

W-What am I sayin'..? Naawwww...






Dynasty Warriors 7 - Wu

Why I started off Wu:

Lu Xun Ling Tong

When in fact I'm personally a Cao Cao fan. He's the reason why I'm attracted to the Three Kingdoms story since the classic live-action series. But I'll start on Wei after Wu :3 I'm here missing uber manly Zhou Tai above since I've yet to unlock him. And about Lu Xun, damn, why did they took away his geeky hat?

Why Ling Tong looks alot better (than DW6's):

Why are my images here only showing his back??? Go figure! (I absolutely lurve how his new costume follows the body-contour drooldrool) Still-images doesn't really explains his smexiness so.... *shrugs* And he's back on using nunchaku on default.

They took away the old cheesy victory pose & theme too! ಠ_ಠ *not approve!*