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While most people rant on the rally & the outrage...

...I think the 'Cole Phelps look-a-like' usually frequents the same place. Nice ♥

I'm done with Shadows of the Damned, in summary - it's fun, it's wacky (that's Suda51 for yooo), has lame dick jokes -somehow in a good way if that's your kind of humour, watch video for a gist of it.

aaaand.. them short (twisted + bizarre) background tales behind each boss are a plus too. The only thing I'm disappointed is there's a lack of replayability value, unless I missed it big time. And Justine boss. Keep an eye on the few disclaimer paragraphs at the end of the credit roll for some laugh or perhaps giggles (it made ME giggle). I do notice there's a reuse of sfx in this game from Silent Hill. It's Yamaoka, hey. All is good.

On another note, I'm somewhat depressed. But no worries, the shit still needs to be shoveled.

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I saw...

..a guy that resembles Det. Cole Phelps (a.k.a. Aaron Staton, sans hat). Same place, same sitting spot, same angle, for the 2nd time. N i c e . . . Tried my best not to peek over too much >A<


One of my boss suggested a preferable improvement from me;
"Try to be more expressive".


*failure lvl99*

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A random confession

at the end of the day, no matter how much family or friends i have, i will always have no one to fucking talk to. no one understands or even puts forth an effort to understand. nothing fucking changes, this town and everyone in it are literally draining the life out of me, and i have no one to turn to to vent about anything..which is why tumblr is here i guess. haha. fuck life.

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Yes. I had to reblog & quote someone else's confession because my mind reacts in total agreement when I read this. But.
Maybe I'm at fault. I don't open up enough. I'm horrible with putting words into meaning. I dislike seeing people as selfish beings, but it's a fact that everyone is including myself.

On a random thought, I think I need some sort of rehab for correcting my waking up habits.

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SLOAN's analgesic rub

My right knee's been under a slight pain whenever I try to crouch (huge pain when I'm down & trying to stand up straight again). I might've strained too much on it while doing a short exercise (for back pains) about 1-2 weeks ago..

Realising how long it has been.. yours truly finally decided to treat it with an analgesic rub called SLOAN'S. It leaves a hot burning sensation after application - it's nice, I personally like that feeling on my aching bone/flesh/skin.

BUT NOT while in the shower.

FUN FACT: Anyone who would like to experience how hot (or maybe boiled) water being poured to a part of your flesh continuously w/o getting scalded, try applying SLOAN'S rub & hop into a medium warm shower! WAAAASSSSUUUUUUPPP............... It's a nice way to test your endurance, foo!

Franziska: What a completely foolish line of foolish thought from a thoroughly foolish fool!


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